Granting Accesses Through AAD

Once the App Registration in AAD as well as the Orkestra SSO console setup complete, you'll need to grant users or groups access to the Enterprise App in ADD before they can login!

Adding Users or Groups to the Enterprise App in AAD

1. Access the Enterprise Apps list through the AAD Portal

2. Use the search bar to find the Orkestra App (using the same name you registered it under)

3. Select "Assign Users and Groups"

4. Click on the "Add User/Group" button

5. Click under the "Users" or "Groups" sections , then search and select the user/group to add

The great thing about this is being able to leverage all your AAD user database, as well a pre-existing groups. For example, if you already have a "Revit Users" group, you could reuse it to manage access to Orkestra.

6. Once you're done selecting users/groups, click on the "Assign" button to complete the operation

From now on, the users/groups selected can log in to Orkestra Online using the Log in wth SSO button

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