Everytime a definition is played through the Orkestra Online Player Tab of the Orkestra Revit Addin, some data is pushed to the platform. That data can be analysed directly from Orkestra in the Analytics window.

The Charts

Usage Per User Chart

Grouped By Definition

Groups By User

General Usage Chart

Pie Chart

Bar Chart

Usage Over Time Chart

Success Rate Gauge

The Success Rate Gauge lets you monitor how your content is performing. Whenever a definition if "run with warnings", the information is puched to the platform and displayed through this chart.

Software Version Charts

Dynamo and Revit versions are also pushed to the platform at each run.

Filtering Options

All these charts can be filtered using the built in filtering options. You can - for now - filter the data by Hub, Workspace and time period (from date to date). Some more filters will be available in the future releases of Orkestra Online. The Filters apply to the charts in real time:

Export Options

Orkestra also offers some export options allowing you to use this Data as you wish.

Export as CSV

All the data available for your Hubs and Workspaces can be exported as CSV for use in a third party application for some more advanced exploitation (PowerBI, Tableau, Excel etc.). In order to export the data to CSV:

  1. Select the destination folder and press "Export":

Export as PNG

You can also export the charts as PNG by doing the following:

  1. Check the charts you wish to export as PNG:

3. Select a destination folder and press "Export":

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