Definition MetaData and Documentation

One of the most powerful things in Orkestra Online is how it makes documenting and referencing a definition convenient. You can associate Metadata to the definitions as well as documentation files of all sorts and centralize that information on the platform.

Definitions Metadata

There is a lot of information associated to the definition when it's on the Orkestra Online platform. Some of that metadata is generated and updated automatically, making it fully reliable. Some other types of information are to be entered by the creator of the definition to better communicate with users.


The Orkestra Online platform automatically keeps track of file versions. The current version of a file is displayed in the Properties Panel. More on definition versionning here!

Last update

At each update of a definition, the date and time is saved automatically. That lets you and your users know exactly when the last modification occured. This information is also displayed in the Properties Panel.

Last updated by

It is always crucial to know who updated a definition. That helps improve reliability and accountability. Knowing who last updated a definition decreases the time spent looking for information about that update as it points you to the most appropriate person to refer to. This information is automatically associated with the definitions at each update and is also displayed on the Properties Panel.

Key Words

Key Words can be associated to a definition by its creator/ administrator in order to reference it. Key Words allow definition sorting as well as searching. To edit the Key Words, you must be an administrator of the Workspace that contains the definition. All you have to do is:

2. Edit the Key Words


2. Edit the Description

Associate Documentation to a Definitions

Key Words and Descriptions are great. But most of the times, as the saying goes, a picture (or a video) is worth a thousand words. Thats why you can also associate Documentation Files of all kinds to the definitions. They are stored as clickable hyperlinks in the Properties Panel . Clicking on a file in the list will download and open it:

Associate a Documentation File to a definition

To associate a Documentation to a definition, you must:

3. Browse to your Documentation File and confirm

4. The Documentation File will appear on the list with the name of the person who uploaded it and the date of the latest update.

Please note there is a 5mb size limit per uploaded file and a total limit of 25mb of Documentation Files per definition

Updating a Documentation File

Every Time a Documentation File is updated, the informations about the latest update date and time as well as the name of the updated are automatically updated. To Update a Documentation File, all you have to do is upload the updated Document. It will automatically override the pre-existing version on the platform.

Deleting a Documentation File

To delete a Documentation associated to a definition, you must:

Automated Graph and Background SnapShots

When uploaded through the Orkestra Online Dynamo View Extension, definitions can have automatically generated snapshots of the graph and the background geometry associated to them. When those snapshots are available, they can be visualized (if you're an admin of the Workspace containing the definition) from the Properties Panel :

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