Orkestra View Extension Online Tab

The Online Tab of the Orkestra Dynamo View Extension lets you navigate and use all the online content that you have access to. In order to enable the Online Tab, you need to login to your Orkestra Online account.

The Online Tab is represented by this logo : online

The Anatomy of the Online Player Tab

Online Hub and Workspace Settings

You can access the same "Online Workspaces" window as in the Orkestra Desktop App directly from the settings button of the Online Player Tab of the Revit Addin. You just need to click :sing the Online

From here, you can perform all the settings introduced in the following chapters:

Accessing Online Definitions

The Content

The Online Tab displays all the Orkestra Online content that is yours or that you were given access to through the user settings of the Orkestra Platform. It Refreshes automatically at login (or by pressing ), giving you constant access to the latest version of the definitions.

The Versions

You can check out any version of an online definition through the ViewExtension's online tab:

The Metadata

Metadata for each definition can be updated as you're working on a cloud definition through the OrkestraGit tab :

The Security

When you deploy content through Orkestra Online, you decide the level of access you give to your users. If you grant people "user" access to a Workspace, they won't be able to open or modify it and it is never downloaded in their computers.

People who have "admin" access to your content will be able to download it, modify its metadata and associated documentation, and open it directly in Dynamo.

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