The Orkestra Online platform automatically keeps track of all the versions of a definition. You can, at any time, browse the history of a given definition. That will give you information about all the updates that occured, their date and time and the name of the person who updated it.

Browse a definition's history

In order to browse a definition's history:
1. Selection the definition in the "Online Workspaces" window
2. Right click on it and click
3. A new window with all the history of the file will open:
Definition Version History

Rollback to a Specific Version

If you wish to rollback to a previous version of a definition, select it in the list of versions and press
Doing this will delete all versions that are more recent than the selected one. This operation is irreversible

Save a Specific Version of the Definition

You can recover an older version of a definition by selecting it and pressing
This will let you save it in the location of your choice, without changing anything to the version history of the definition on the platform.

Checkout a specific version of the definition in Dynamo

You can also checkout any version of a definition right from dynamo using the Orkestra Online Dynamo View Extension.