SSO login issue in Revit / Rhino - endless spinning

SSO Login in Revit will sometimes trigger a spinning wheel that doesn't end. Though the origin of this issue is not yet fully understood, there are workarounds.

Restarting Revit

Especially if you have just updated to 1.8.3 from an older version, it appears that the first SSO login attempt causes this endless spin. Simply restarting Revit solves it.

Login using email and password

This defeats the purpose of SSO - apologies for that - but it'll get you logged in. The email to use is your work email. If you don't know your password, you can hit the "Forgot your password" button and reset it. After this, SSO should be working well.

If none of this fixes your issue, please reachout to [email protected] or on our github issues page .

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