Packages downloading at every login

If Orkestra attemps to redownload all your packages everytime you login through Revit / Civil 3d, it likely means that there is an issue with the package setup of one of your workspaces.

The most common cause for this issue is the "docs" folder in the Orchid package.

Deploying the Orchid package

The Orchid package contains a folder named Docs that contains files with extremely long names (and have extremely long filepaths), such as : Orchid.RevitProject.Common.Link.SetCadFile(document,file,positioning,unit,colorMode,referencePoint,visibleLayersOnly,view,orientToView,thisViewOnly)

These long paths cause the System.IO.File.Delete method (standard method) to fail, causing Orkestra's package maintenance routines to not complete which, in turn, causes inconsistencies in run behavior.

How to solve it for now Before deploying the Orchid package, delete the “docs” folder. It doesn’t serve any computing purpose because it is only documentation for the nodes, it doesn’t contain anything necessary for the code to run.

⚠️ However, you’ll unfortunately need to manually cleanup the %APPDATA%\orkestra folders as Orkestra won’t be able to update those because of Orchid. This needs to be done on all affected computers, as Orkestra won't be able to perform the cleanup due to the issue mentioned above. ⚠️

In the future We have figured out a way to handle this by building a custom delete function. This will be pushed with the next Orkestra update.

If none of this fixes your issue, please reachout to [email protected] or on our github issues page .

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